How to Import

Está com dúvidas de como funciona o nosso serviço? Confira nosso passo a passo abaixo. Lembrando que também temos nosso atendimento via chat, onde nossos atendentes estão preparados para lhe atender! Além do nosso canal no Youtube, onde temos várias dicas e tutoriais sobre importação, dicas de produtos, envios e muito mais!!


1. Register

Create a free account (Yep! No admission fee, no monthly fee) on our website, this will allow you to obtain an address in the United States and manage your orders on-line. After creating your account, you will be given a suite number that will be used to identify your account.

2. Make the purchase

Shop online from your favorite brands and ship them to your brand new suite. Or have USCloser buy your items, the choice is yours. If you don't even want to deal with the online store we have a solution for that, it is called «personal shopper». If this is your first time, feel free to reach out to the customer support to help you get started

Make the purchase
Receiving your package

3. Receiving your package

As soon as we receive your package, all the items will be register in your suite. You will have access to weight and pictures of all of them.

4. Packing and shipping your order

When putting together your order, you can choose what items you would like to send. You can also combine items or ship them individually. You can add extra services and customize how you want your product(s) to be packed. After the payment goes through, your order will be shipped to the informed address.

Packing and shipping your order
Order in transit

5. Order in transit

You will receive a tracking number as soon as your package is shipped. With this tracking number you can check your package through the USPS website while it is still in the United States, and then in your local carrier when it crosses the border. If you have any questions about our services, check out our step by step below. Keep in mind that we also have a customer support chat. Don't hesitate to reach to us. Take a look at our youtube channel, where we give tips and tricks on importing, shipping, deals on products, and much more!

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