Customer Service

Customer Service

It's easy to contact UsCloser, you can reach on our chat or email. We have a team of specialists ready to assist you. Our service representative hours are from Monday to Friday, 1PM to 10PM(Utah), Saturday 1PM to 4PM (Utah).

Our Services

Receiving and registering your packages

We receive and register your items in 24 hours, you will have access to a photo of the product and its weight. The products can be stored for free for 90 days considering your last purchase. There is no charge or fee of any kind to receive and register your items to your suite.


Combine multiple items from your suite into one package for shipping, saving on the shipping cost

Shipping your Order

UsCloser Ships your purchased items to the address you choose anywhere in the world, using the same delivery methods and prices provided by USPS. See «Shipping» for more details.

Compra assistida

Most U.S. online stores accept american credit cards only. But don't worry, UsCloser can make the purchase for you. Access "personal shopper" section in your account and inform some details about the product. Our purchasing specialist will evaluate the seller and give you some tips, calculate the total purchase amount (product + tax + shipping to your suite), and send you a service invoice. As soon as we have your confirmation, the purchase process will begin.

Services Extra

To meet the specific needs of each item, UsCloser offers you extra services at the time of your shipment.

Package type

For shipments up to 4 lbs you have the option to choose between plastic envelope or cardboard box. Keep in mind that an unprotected cellphone wouldn`t like to be shipped to your home in a plastic envelope, but your clothes wouldn't mind and it would save you some money in the shipment.

Shipment insurance

You can purchase an insurance for your shipment (additional 3% over the declared amount). This way if something happens to your shipment, you get the declared amount back

Tag removal

If you wish, you can ask us to remove the price tags from the items you are shipping.

Advertisement material removal

Do you know those (sometimes useless) numerous pieces of papers that the stores send inside your box with your purchase? You don't need to send that if you don`t want. While finalizing your shipment, you can request the removal of advertisement material and pamphlets from the stores.

Original Box Removal

You have the option of removing the original box that the product comes in, making your shipment lighter and smaller.


You can choose to send the original invoice of the purchase along with your shipment or to leave it behind.

Extra tape

It is possible for you to order a tape coverage for your shipping box (yes it will be 100% covered using the tape). This way it will protect your box from the elements, specially rain.

Bubble Wrap

Request bubble wrap for your most fragile items (like cellphones). It is also possible to order bubble wrap when shipping.

Double Wall Box

The items are heavy and you wish you had a stronger box? no problem! When finalizing the shipping, order a double wall box. They protect the your items much more.


Does your package have any extra special need? Use the “Comments” section to describe everything that is important for us to know about your shipment

Special Requests

So, you bought a nice new phone and want to know if it works before shipping it? Sure! Request a special order “Full cell phone test + video”. If you need more information about the purchased items prior to the shipment, you can request one of our special services.

Extra Photo

Extra Photo

In this service we take a detailed photo of any specific point of your product you want to cover, or we separate the products into different photos.

Discard Product Box and Weigh Again

Discard Product Box and Weigh Again

In this service, we discard the original box of the product, weigh it again and take a new photo. By doing so, we are able to decrease both the weigh and the volume of the shipment, decreasing its cost.

Item Transfer Between Suites

Item Transfer Between Suites

You can transfer items from your suite to another, if both clients agree.

Product Discard

Product Discard

In this service, we simply discard product and remove it from your suite. (Sometimes clients don't want to ship the product and cannot return the it for any reason). Yes, we need to throw it away so please, be careful when using this service, it is irreversible.

Product Test

Product Test

In this service, we perform a simple and basic test of the products functionality, whatever it may be, there are no photos or video of the product in this service, only text. If you want something more specific there are some better extra services available.

Test + video

Test + video

In this service we test the product`s functionalities and physical characteristics, whatever it may be (except cell phones), the information gets passed on to the clients via videos and text.

Full Cell Test + Video

Full Cell Test + Video

In this service we perform a detailed and thorough analysis of the cellphone and its parts by a specialized program, at the end of the check you will have a report with all available data, plus the test video showing the exterior of the device.

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